Tuesday, May 19, 2020

2087 Watches: The One Hour Watch Project

2087! That is how many watches former Talent Trust recipient Lee Yuen-Rapati has drawn since 2014. One hour a day, one watch a day!

About the One Hour Watch Project (from Lee):

'I started the One Hour Watch project partly on a whim whilst finishing my undergrad degree at NSCAD University in 2014. I gave myself a challenge to draw something within one hour for technique practice. At the time I was very keen to learn more about watches, so the subject matter was quickly decided. I ended up posting the drawing online with the number 1 in the comments which meant (to me at least) there should be more to come. After drawing another watch the next day I realised the project would and should become a daily undertaking. Since then I have drawn a watch every single day as part of this project.

The project has also focused on designing original watches rather than drawing existing ones, however I occasionally feature creative interpretations of iconic watches. The one hour limit allows for enough time to explore and draw out an original design but it's not so long that I use up a whole day drawing a watch. The drawings mostly use alcohol based markers along with a few different pens and pencils, these materials allow for quick and dynamic colouring. The One Hour Watch project has allowed me to connect with watchmakers and brands in the industry such as Roger Smith, and MING who have both commissioned sets of watch drawings.'.

For more on Lee's One Hour Watch project visit his website or Instagram

You can also find a live-drawing session of Lee creating here.

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