Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Thank you Robert George Jackson and Daphne Cruikshanks

We're grateful to the late Robert George Jackson and his wife Daphne Cruikshanks for creating and sustaining this fantastic and generous special dance award since 2011. 

The Robert George Jackson Award
, named for the late Robert Jackson who loved the arts, was established in 2011 by his wife, Daphne Cruikshanks. It will be awarded, if merited, to a NSTT recipient who shows exceptional commitment and potential in dance. The award is $2,000.

Past Robert George Jackson Award winners are:
  • Aidan Vaudreuil (Ballet) 2020
  • Sahara Nyathi (Ballet) 2019
  • Lucie Schmidt (Contemporary) 2018
  • Maggie Oates-Johnson (Ballet) 2017
  • Ellery Jackson (Ballet) 2016
  • Niamh Perrins (Ballet) 2015
  • Cloe Hart (Contemporary) 2014
  • Aliah Schwartz (Contemporary) 2013
  • Francesca Nardi (Flamenco) 2012
  • Bridget Lappin (Contemporary) 2011
Thank you Daphne Cruikshanks, your generous support has made a big difference for so many. We are honoured to celebrate Robert George Jackson's love for the arts annually with our Nova Scotia community. 

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