Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Support our Blue Nose Marathon TALENT TRUST TEAM

Our Talent Trust Team is in the final stages of preparing for their Blue Nose Marathon runs on November 6 and 7, 2021. 

Would you please support their efforts by sponsoring their runs? 

Our Team members include former Talent Trust scholarship recipients Breagh Isabel MacKinnon, Carolle Fernando, Erin Sparks, Andrew Son, and Edward Enman. Edward will run the full marathon on Sunday! WOW!!!

We thank our Talent Trust friends Jon Hines, Jeff Janes, Kelly WaddenNSTT Vice-Chair Victoria Hines, NSTT Treasurer Natalie Wellsand our Executive Director Jacqueline Steudler for running as well. 

Okay,complete transparency here. Jacqueline will walk the 5 km. 😍

You can find the entire team at the following link or individual links further down on this page. Just scroll down to see all of our runners -> click on their image and support their efforts today. 

100% of your support will go towards the Talent Trust's scholarship fund. You will receive a donation receipt starting at $5. 

Please feel free to share this information with your friends. 🥰

Direct Links to Talent Trust Team Member’s Fundraising pages

Natalie Wells, NSTT Treasurer

Breagh MacKinnon, former Talent Trust scholarship recipient and NSTT Secretary

Carolle Fernando, former Talent Trust scholarship recipient

Victoria Hines, NSTT Vice Chair

Erin Sparks, former Talent Trust scholarship recipient and former NSTT Board Chair

Andrew Son, former Talent Trust scholarship recipient

Edward Enman, former Talent Trust scholarship recipient

Kelly Wadden

Jeff Janes

Jon Hines

Jacqueline Steudler, Talent Trust Executive Director

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