Thursday, April 6, 2023

Devin Huang wins Rose Bowl Competition at Kiwanis Music Festival

Devin Huang is a 16-year-old emerging musician who received his first Talent Trust scholarship in 2017 at only 10 years of age.  Devin studies piano with Professor Lynn Stodola, a highly regarded musician and private instructor who has taught and mentored some of Nova Scotia's top pianists.

Kiwanis Music Festival competitions have been ongoing since March 28.  Devin competed in the 2023 Doctor Piano and Yamaha Canada Piano Rose Bowl Competition on April 2nd, along with Lucy Zhang and fellow Talent Trust scholarship recipient Alex Yang.

The competition was adjudicated by Dr. Jarred Dunn and St. Stephen Runge. The recipient of this prestigious award is Devin Huang! Runner-up with the Kiwanis Club of Dartmouth Award is Alex Yang. Congratulations to both Devin and Alex!

Devin has been a regular participant in numerous Nova Scotia Kiwanis Music Festivals, and also won the Dr. Piano and Yamaha Canada Rose Bowl in 2020 and 2022. He is not the only Talent Trust scholarship recipient to take home this title. Lala Lee (2015, 2017), Andrew Son (2018), Jacob MacDonald (2019), and Alex Yang (2021) were also winners of this award.

Although it is early in Devin's musical career, he has a long list of achievements and accolades for his outstanding talents. In 2022, he took home the Debut Atlantic Award for Musical Excellence. In 2021, Devin represented Nova Scotia at the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals National Competition, winning First Prize in the Emerging Artist Piano Division.  He also competed in the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Association Piano Competition, winning the Third Prize as well as the Chopin Award. In August 2020, Devin was named one of Canada’s hot “30 under 30” classical musicians by CBC Music.

Congratulations, Devin!

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