Tuesday, May 5, 2015

'How Often Do I Dream…' directed by Alexis Milligan (former NSTT scholarship recipient)

How Often Do I Dream…
Transitus Theatre
Written & Performed by: Katie Dorian
Directed by Alexis Milligan
May 7 – May 9
7:45pm – 50mins
Bus Stop Theatre
How-Often-Do-I-Dream-008WebWhat happens when our memory fails us?
Who do we become when our histories disappear?
How Often Do I Dream… is a multi sensory performance experience which explores how memory functions, how it collapses, and what we become when our memory begins to fade.
Story-telling guide, Katie Dorian, takes you into her Opi’s life and memories, his developing dementia, her own memory failures and the pieces of beauty found among the rubble of a broken mind.
Written and performed by Katie Dorian, co-created and directed by Alexis Milligan, stage managed by Gina Thornhill, original composition by Matthew Amyotte.
Admission: $10 alone or $15 including The Work of the Dancer
Information taken from http://mayworkshalifax.ca/
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