Saturday, August 27, 2016

Mike Hirschbach performs in 'Shift' at the Atlantic Fringe Festival Sept 1-11, 2016

Mike Hirschbach is a former NSTT theatre scholarship recipient. He went off to work for Cirque de Soleil for many years. After his return to NS he established Halifax Circus. This year he performs in 'Shift' a look at his audition experience with Cirque de Soleil. 
'Shift' is a behind-the-scenes look at my successful Cirque du Soleil audition way back in 1998. Always wondered what goes on in a high stakes, demanding audition and how you prepare for it? Now's your chance to find out!
Please note that this has mature themes, and isn't suitable for young children.    Mike Hirschbach

'Shift' will play at
The Waiting Room (6040 Almon St, Halifax)
Thursday Sept 1st, 10:00PM
Friday Sept 2nd, 5:40PM
Saturday Sept 3rd, 12:00PM
Monday Sept 5th, 12:40PM
Saturday Sept 10th, 11:40AM & 5:20PM
Sunday Sept 11th, 1:05PM & 5:40PM
Ticket price: $12

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