Monday, October 15, 2018

Vocalist Janice Jackson in Debut Concert of Teleet Ensemble at St. Mary's Art Gallery

Janice Jackson - Teleet Ensemble.
Janice Jackson (centre), Arash Delavar and Mohammad Sahraei are Teleet Ensemble.
Their debut concert is October 21 at St. Mary's University Art Gallery

Vocalist Janice Jackson, Arash Delavar (acoustic, electric guitar), and Mohammad Sahraei (tar, setar, beghlama, and hand drum) are the members of the trio Teleet Ensemble. 

Their debut concert takes place Sunday, October 21, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. at St. Mary’s University Art Gallery

The performance is co-hosted by St. Mary’s University Art Gallery and Janice’s company Vocalypse Productions.

Janice received Talent Trust scholarship to support her voice studies and is also a Portia White award recipient. In addition to being an accomplished soprano, she’s a contemporary music specialist, producer, and vocal instructor and coach.

Janice has performed in over 200 world premieres, many works written specifically for her, and appeared with contemporary music ensembles and in concert halls around the world in cities that include Beijing, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Berlin, and Johannesburg.

She recently received the Friends of Canadian Music Award, during the Opera From Scratch gala concert at St. Matthews United Church in Halifax.

Teleet is a vernacular (and culinary) Farsi word used to refer to a blend, mix, jumble, or collage of different, even unlikely, ingredients. The Ensemble mixes Western and Middle Eastern instruments, Their songs range from classical to folk, originating from the Applachian Mountains to Iranian farmlands.

Visit the St. Mary’s Gallery Facebook event page for details.

To learn more about Janice and her work, visit

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