Thursday, July 18, 2019

Partner Focus: Symphony Nova Scotia

During our milestone year celebrating 75 years of believing in Nova Scotian talent, we take the opportunity to appreciate the organizations that work with us to provide opportunities to many of our scholarship recipients: 

Over several decades, Symphony Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Talent Trust have exemplified a symbiotic advocacy for culture, that continues to inspire intergenerational commitment and positive responses to change. Both organizations have shared in the responsibilities of nurturing meaningful artistic and community engagement.

Talent Trust recipients Jane Archibald, Barbara Hannigan, Denise Djokic, Heemin Choi, Suzanne Rigden, Breagh MacKinnon, Lukas Pearse, Karen Myatt and Suzi LeBlanc were full of potential and in search of guidance, training and recognition. It was at this crucial point that the Talent Trust Scholarship Program provided support and encouragement, like it did for over 1,000 aspiring artists of all disciplines, for the past 75 years.

Once matured into their artistry, Symphony Nova Scotia has welcomed many of these deserving artists to collaborate on stage in special concerts or as its members. Musicians like First Violinist and Assistant Concertmaster Jennifer Jones; Principal Hornist David Parker; Cellist Hilary Brown; and percussionist, teacher, and Education and Community Outreach Coordinator D’Arcy Gray all had their early beginnings with some Talent Trust help.

We’re thrilled to mark our 75th anniversary by celebrating with sister organizations like Symphony Nova Scotia, and the remarkable people who form this community.

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