Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Cheers to 77 years! Happy Birthday Talent Trust

Sunday, May 2nd was the Talent Trust's 77th birthday!!!

Thank you for celebrating with us a legacy that keeps giving. 

Internationally recognized in her day and now revered as part of Canadian heritage, Portia White’s legacy is infused with many meanings. For the Nova Scotia Talent Trust, which celebrates 77 years of supporting aspiring artists of all disciplines on May 2, Portia White represents its catalyst. 

In 1944, members of the Halifax Ladies Club, along with voice teacher Dr. Ernesto Vinci, successfully advocated the city of Halifax and the province of Nova Scotia for unparalleled financial support towards her studies in New York. Portia White ascended to become one of the best singers of the 20th century. The Talent Trust, with the help of the Dalhousie Music in Medicine HEALS Program, supports her legacy through the Portia White Award for a Nova Scotia voice student.

The province recognized the difference their support made in Portia White’s career and founded the Nova Scotia Talent Trust on May 2, 1944, to help other deserving and talented Nova Scotians succeed. 

We celebrate our 77th anniversary after supporting over 1,000 Nova Scotian artists during their study years in theatre, music, film, literary arts, circus arts, dance and visual arts.

The scholarship recipients’ dedication to their craft and talent has been amplified during these challenging times. We are proud of their tenacity to continue their studies in a safe environment and excel in their achievements. 

Thank you for believing in the creativity of our Nova Scotian artists for the last 77 years.

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