Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Mark your Calendars for SISTAHS IN DA BIZ 2022 with Anne-Marie Woods

Anne-Marie Woods, also known as Amani, received a Talent Trust scholarship in 1996 for acting and directing and has gone on to build a vibrant and successful career.  She is an award winning multi-disciplinary artist, arts educator, producer, poet, playwright, director, creative consultant, creativity coach, and founder of Imani Enterprises - a company dedicated to the advancement of youth arts and culture.  

Anne-Marie has been a dedicated supporter of Nova Scotia Talent Trust and emerging artists.  She hosted the Special Awards Ceremony in 2021 and is working with us to develop opportunities for emerging artists facing barriers to pursuing their artistic careers. Together with three other dynamic, vibrant artists, Anne-Marie is hosting a virtual workshop that will give up-and-coming artists an inside look at the inspiration, challenges and successes of these four "Sistahs in da biz".  Details below:


Sunday October 23rd from 3pm – 5:30pm (EST)

Get ready for the Virtual/Interactive Business In The Arts Experience that highlights Creatives of the African Diaspora who are Boss Ladies in their industry. 

Sistahs In Da Biz is part of the Imani Enterprises Let's Talk Series that invites Artists and Creatives making moves in the Industry to share the secrets to their success for only a fraction of their consulting, coaching or booking rates.
This year’s event will feature one Sistah from the United States making moves in the Theatre, Film and TV Industry in Toronto.  Another Sistah who left her full time job to create her own PR Marketing and Communications Agency, and one incredible 18 year old Sistah who is taking the world of comedy by storm. All hosted by Anne-Marie Woods, aka Amani, the Managing Director of Imani Enterprises. It will be facilitated by Marissa Trott, a youth creative who is a playwright and arts administrator. 
Get ready to learn from each of the panelists and take part in an abridged workshop that features their talents. Come prepared to ask questions, engage and network.

Join Host, Amani aka Anne-Marie Woods alongside Youth Cohost and Facilitator, Marissa Trott with guest panelists/presenters Alicia Richardson, Precious Iz and Natassia Morris for presentations, live performances, poignant advice and an abridged workshop.

Click here to register for this event.  Early Bird admission ends this Saturday!  AND Anne-Marie has 5 sponsored spaces for youth to attend for FREE!  Don't miss out!

You can learn more about Anne-Marie, aka Amani by visiting her website or following her Instagram accounts @amanisvibe and @enterpriseimani


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