Friday, October 13, 2017

Jason Skinner presents 'Riding the Rails' at Nocturne Halifax October 14, 2017

Nocturne at the Museum
information and photo:

Andrea Tsang Jackson, Jason Skinner
Nocturne October 14, 2017
6 PM - midnight

Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21,
1099 chemin Marginal Rd

"Nocturne at the Museum" highlights our tenuous connections to our past: our changing memories of our collective past as we move further away from it, and our reimagining and reframing of our past as we try to capture something that we can no longer quite grasp. Two artists and one organization will each provide unique interpretations of these themes in the context of the Museum’s unique position as a National Historical Site: a point of arrival for over a million immigrants, as well as a point of departure for many of these immigrants to other parts of Canada.

The two artists whose work considers these questions are Andrea Tsang Jackson and Jason Skinner. There will also be a project presented by Library and Archives Canada.

Andrea Tsang Jackson’s proposed work "Georges Island Quilted Over" is a participatory illuminated paper quilt project that becomes an opaque window.

Jason Skinner will animate the colonist car outside the Museum with his work "Riding the Rails" a series of portraits exploring the possible worlds and lives of immigrants who arrived to Canada by Pier 21, but left for other parts of Canada.

Library and Archives Canada will explore "Going Dark: Extinguished Lighthouses of Atlantic Canada," a presentation which exposes the importance of archives to understanding our changing landscape and our understanding of ourselves.

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