Thursday, October 19, 2017

Jodie Fox on her experience studying stage design in Hanover, Germany

Dear Board Members, Supporters and Jury of the NSTT,

Jodie Fox, stage design
As a thank you for your support during my past semester I would like to give a short update of what my semester looked like. 

I am studying stage design in Hanover, Germany. This past semester was my second, and it was part of a one year foundation year. My main project throughout the semester was designing a set for Sophocle's Antigone. I started by reading the play many, many times and letting a picture form in my mind. After re-working a few ideas and lots of discussions with my teachers I finalized my design and built a model. 
Stage Design Jodie Fox, Photo: Christoph Enke

I had the opportunity to work with the head of the lighting department in the Hanover Opera House to try out interesting ways of creating new and fitting atmospheres for my design. I worked with a photography student to document my work. 

I feel so grateful that this program allows me to work with many different artists and professionals, and I am so excited to be going back in a few days.

I spent July working as a dresser at a theater in Heidelberg, a city in southern Germany. Although I was not working directly with the set department I loved observing how all the departments come together to pull off an amazing show. I was able to ask lots of questions, and learned a lot about the theater world in the short time. 

I spent the second half of my summer break working in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia with Toshiko MacAdam and her company Interplay. Again I have learned an incredible amount in such a short time about artists working in the real world. Working with Toshiko has taught me to appreciate perfection, and shown me the importance of taking extreme pride in your work.

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer. I would like to thank you for your generous support and interest in my journey!

Best wishes,

Jodie Fox

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