Saturday, May 5, 2018

Pamela Ritchie: Art Jewellery Conversations Lecture in Vancouver

alien landscape III - Pamela Ritchie

Pamela Ritchie is the featured artist in a speakers series called adorning expression: art jewellery conversations, presented by Craft Council of British Columbia.

adorning expression, part of the 2018 Art of Craft Lectures, is a series of three presentations “that provides lovers of fashion, art jewellery and those who see their bodies as a canvas for self-expression with an opportunity to explore the art jewellery scene in Canada today.”

The lectures feature the most recent Saidye Bronfman award winner, which is the highest honour for professional craftspeople in Canada. Pamela, who’s a jewellery artist in Hubley, NS, holds the 2017 Bronfman. 

She says this about her work: “I am interested in exploring linkages between the language of traditional craft processes and the developing language resulting from newer modes of production.”

Pamela’s lecture is on Monday, May 14, 2018 at the Orpheum Annex Theatre in Vancouver, and is co-hosted by Crafted Vancouver. 

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