Thursday, June 28, 2018

Lukas Pearse Hosts Musical Improvisation at the TD Halifax Jazz Festival

Halifax musician and artist Lukas Pearse
In addition to its feature performance space on the Waterfront Stage, the 2018 TD Halifax Jazz Festival has venues across the city during its July 10-15 run.

The Open Company Sessions, presented by Upstream, is a curated series that feature free improvisation. The sessions are hosted by Halifax musicians Geordie Haley and Lukas Pearse.

Lukas is a bassist, media artist, and sound editor. He received a Talent Trust scholarship in 2003.

He’s an award-winning film composer and member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada. He’s served as the Artistic Director of the Upstream Music Association since 2015. 

Lukas is also an experienced teacher, working with private students as well as through the Centre for Art Tapes and NSCAD University.

In the Open Company Sessions, local musical luminaries and visiting virtuosos meet onstage to create spontaneous music.

The sessions run from 11pm - 1am from Wednesday, July 11 through Saturday July 14 at ART BAR at 1873 Granville Street in Halifax. Admission is free.

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