Wednesday, July 13, 2022

"Sharing what I love with the world" - checking in with Maggie Oates-Johnson

Maggie Oates-Johnson won the Talent Trust Robert Jackson award in 2017 and has dazzled everyone ever since with her passion and drive for dance.  The Talent Trust scholarships Mollie has received each year since then
have helped her pursue her dreams at the Alberta Ballet School and develop her incredible talent.  We recently caught up with Maggie to see what she's been up to:

What is your earliest memory of dance?

The earliest memory of dance is when I was four years old, peeping in the studio door watching my sister’s ballet classes, while I am trying to do all the moves in the hallway in my little pink tutu.

What (or who) inspires you? 

What inspires me is seeing the strength and unique talent in each artist, and how they push through all their challenges to achieve their dreams and goals.

What is your greatest accomplishment to date? 

My greatest accomplishment is taking the risk in moving away from home, despite my fears, to pursue my dance dreams at a professional ballet school, and sticking with it even though it is sometimes scary and uncertain. I feel I am now thriving in my ballet school and this was absolutely the best choice for me in order to keep progressing with dance.

What is the most challenging aspect of your art?  What brings you the most joy?

The most challenging aspect of my art is not taking dance obstacles, critique, and rejections personally or defining myself based on them…but instead, using them to learn and grow, while also appreciating all other aspects of my life that make me who I am. The greatest joy with my art is the privilege and honour of performing on stage and sharing what I love with the world.

What is your biggest dream in pursuing your art?

My greatest dream in performing my art is to find my way into a professional dance company that is a good fit for me and where I feel fulfilled.

Thank you to Maggie for taking the time to update us.  We can't wait to see what the future holds for you!


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