Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Two must-see art shows before July ends!

The province has come alive with art shows, festivals and concerts, and it feels SO good!  There is so much to do and see, but there are two fantastic shows we want to highlight before they are over:

Making it Right - Ice House Gallery

Former Talent Trust scholarship recipient Brandt Eisener is the curator of  The Ice House Gallery in Grace Jollymore Arts Centre.  The Gallery is featuring the show "Making it Right" with works by Louise Pentz and Carole Morrow, with guest potter Karyn Hollasch.  This powerful show explores themes of social justice, capitalism, colonization, discrimination, hurt, healing, and forgiveness.  Each piece makes its own important statement.  

Also part of this show, the piece "Undercover" was created by Louise Pentz and Brandt Eisener and represents the pressure queer men face to hide parts of themselves, preventing them from expressing who they are with the world.  This show will take your breath away and make you look deep within to reflect on the themes explored.  See it before it is over, it ends July 24th!

Contrast to Connection - Tides Contemporary Art Gallery

Anna Syme, a recent Talent Trust scholarship recipient, is the featured Guest Artist at the Tides Contemporary Art Gallery.  Anna's work explores themes of connections, loss, understanding, and growth through interdisciplinary visual art pieces.  

Her current show, "Contrast to Connection" features her most recent art created through the lens of her own personal growth.  This growth was influenced by her year away from home and the resulting change in perspective.  Anna's work is incredible - each time you look at a piece, you will see something new.  This show runs until July 31st, see it while you can!

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