Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Janice Isabel Jackson Performs in International Collaboration CO2 - Cycle de Lieder

It's described as a ". . . contemporary multimedia chamber opera with acoustic, digital, and visual elements". CO2 - Cycle de Lieder is a collaboration between internationally recognized composers Patrick Defossez and Anne-Gabriel Debaecker and performed by French Duo Autres Voix de Piano, French Ensemble Zellig and and Canadian new music diva Janice Isabel Jackson.

The performance explores the merging of flesh and data as sounds created by traditional instruments and the human voice meet digital media. 

CO2 - Cycle de Lieder will be at the Halifax Music Co-op on Barrington Street in Halifax, with shows on May 4 and 5, and an improvisation on May 6. Sound and images from the performance can be found on the CO2 - Cycle de Lieder website; tickets are available through Ticket Halifax

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