Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Reeny Smith Nominated for Bucky Adams Memorial East Coast Music Award

Reeny Smith is an award-winning R&B and soul artist from North Preston, Nova Scotia. She's adding to her accolades with a nomination for the Bucky Adams Memorial Award at the 2018 East Coast Music Awards.

Reeny's family boasts an impressive group of performers. Her father and grandfather (Wallace Smith Sr. and Jr.) are both former members of the iconic gospel group the Gospel Heirs, and her uncles Carson and Murray Downey are members of the Carson Downey Band. Reeny began singing and playing piano at the age of five. 

Showcasing on the Breakout Stage at the ECMA Awards and Conference in 2016, Reeny performed at the awards show in 2017. She released her first single “Good Girl Swag” in February 2018, and her first full-length album is in the works. 

The ECMA festival and conference runs from May 2-6, with the awards show on May 3 at the Scotiabank Centre.

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