Saturday, November 17, 2018

Big Dreams, Big Projects, and a Big Thank You - Our 75th Anniversary Video

Creating a video can be as simple as asking a friend or grabbing a tripod and picking up your smartphone. 

Or it can involve a dedicated group of professionals, the generosity of participants, and support from your community.

We're thrilled with our 75th anniversary video, and we have many people to thank. 

Thank you to scholarship recipients and your families and students, for welcoming us into your homes and studios, and for working with us to create this video:

Fibre art by Sandra Brownlee.
Fibre art by Sandra Brownlee as seen in our
75th anniversary scholarship campaign video.
  • Sandra Brownlee 
  • Isaac Fresia 
  • Maggie Oates-Johnson
  • Michael Hirschbach
  • Devin Huang
  • Veronique MacKenzie
  • Reeny Smith

We're grateful for the grant support:

  • Support4Culture program

Thank you for video production locations and support:

  • The Music Room
  • Leica Hardy Studios
  • Artistic Sole
  • St. Thomas United Baptist Church
  • Halifax Dance
  • Dalhousie Arts Centre
  • Lynn Stodola
  • The Marquee Club
  • Gregor Ash, ECMA
  • Jeff Lawton, ECMA
  • Drew Domokos, Bell Media
  • Brian Fisher, Bell Media
  • Isaac Fresia’s family for the use of your farm
Isaac Fresia on site, looking at plans.
Isaac Fresia in the field — literally. Looking over house plans on site.

Thank you for the overall support — Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage:

  • Marcel McKeough
  • Chris Shore
  • Meredith Cowan
  • Jessica Peddle

Thank you for your expertise:
  • Anne Melanson, Bloom Non-Profit Consulting Group
  • Carolyn Marshall, Bloom Non-Profit Consulting Group

Cathy Brown of Filet Production Services works on getting the perfect shot.
And a big thank you to the people who put these seven stories together and set them in motion and sound — the people behind the scenes, who have made magic:

  • Jeff Fish (“Fish”) and Cathy Brown, Filet Production Services. Your skills and commitment show in every second of the video.
  • Mark Cyr, CX Productions, who did a great job of re-scoring bits of the music track to our needs. From Fish: “Trust me, you haven’t even noticed the detail he put into the track overall. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Thank you all. And thank you to everyone who has supported the Talent Trust these past 75 years. We couldn't do it without you.

Jennifer Wang and her son, pianist Devin Huang.
Jennifer Wang and her son, pianist and Talent Trust scholarship recipient Devin Huang.

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