Thursday, November 1, 2018

Talent Trust Launches Campaign to Double Scholarship Funding

We're marking our 75th anniversary in 2019 with an ambitious project: we've launched a campaign to double the funding for scholarships awarded to Nova Scotians studying in the arts.


Our campaign launches today with a video featuring seven Talent Trust scholarship recipients: Maggie Oates-Johnson (ballet), Devin Huang (piano), Reeny Smith (voice), Michael Hirschbach (circus arts), Veronique MacKenzie (dance), Sandra Brownlee (fibre arts), and Isaac Fresia (architecture).

Fibre artist and Talent Trust scholarship recipient Sandra Brownlee.
Fibre artist and Talent Trust scholarship
recipient Sandra Brownlee
“The scholarship was a huge boost for me, not just financially, but in terms of the morale boost as well. It came just when I needed it the most. It was thrilling, and it made what I was doing seem more real, and viable. It put me on a really good path,” says Sandra Brownlee, who received her Talent Trust scholarship in 1980.

Sandra has built a career as a practicing artist who exhibits her work internationally, and is a Governor General's Award winner. She gives back to the community by sharing her skills and experience through teaching. Sandra lives and works in Halifax.

Pianist and Talent Trust scholarship recipient Devin Huang
At the other end of the spectrum, Devin Huang received his first Talent Trust scholarship in 2016 at the age of 10. He’s already won Kiwanis Festival and Chebucto Symphony Orchestra Concerto Competition awards, and is a committed piano student.

As you may already know, Talent Trust scholarships are awarded across disciplines: music, voice, dance, theatre, literary arts, circus arts, design, visual arts, film, and new media. Recipients come from every corner of the province, from Sydney to Barrington, and Musquodoboit Harbour to Wolfville.

With assistance from Support4Culture, the scholarship campaign video was produced by Fillet Production Services in Halifax.

“We’re proud and honoured to support the development of more than 1,000 Nova Scotia artists over the past 75 years,” says our Board of Directors Chair Erin Sparks. “There’s extraordinary talent in this province. We know education costs are rising. We want to support our artists more.”

The Talent Trust is pleased to work in partnership with the Province of Nova Scotia, which assists with administrative costs. That funding allows 100% of donations to go directly to scholarships for emerging Nova Scotian artists across disciplines.

Thank you for being part of our community and believing in our artists. And thank you for sharing our news through the links below.

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