Thursday, November 21, 2019

Katherina Bakolias and Julia Topple in Neptune's Peter Pan

Sister organization Neptune Theatre casts NSTT alumni Katerina Bakolias and Julia Topple in their comedic and musical adaptation of the classic Peter Pan

Nov, 27, 2019 - Jan 5, 2020

7:30 p.m. weekend 
2 p.m. matinees 

Neptune Theatre
Fountain Hall
1593 Argyle St, Halifax

About Peter Pan:

When Wendy, Michael and John find themselves whisked away to Never-you-mind-land by a mysterious flying boy, they have no idea what awaits them: peculiar pirates, a posse of Underdog Kids, a giant ticking crocodile and a very wicked, show-tune loving Captain Hook. This play is full of pop songs, hilarious jokes and encourages you to play along.

Like Cinderella, Peter Pan continues Neptune’s new tradition of bringing classic stories to life in a family musical format for the holiday season.

Artist Bios:

Katerina Bakolias who plays, the lost boy Eric, is a Halifax based actor, playwright, and screenwriter who graduated from The Fountain School of Performing Arts in 2015. She's been highly involved in various roles in theatre and writing. She was one of five selected participants in FIN Atlantic International Film Festival's Script Development Program, nominated for a Merritt Award, and won Best Performer in the Halifax Fringe Festival.

Julia Topple is an actress, known for work in Haven, Trailer Park Boys and Everyone's Famous. Read about her stage work this year in Pleasureville, on TWISI.

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